[kmail2] [Bug 343748] shortcuts/toolbar actions missing to go to next/previous mail from mail window

arne anka kde-bugs at ginguppin.de
Sat Feb 7 22:27:41 GMT 2015


--- Comment #4 from arne anka <kde-bugs at ginguppin.de> ---
to difficult?
well. let me put it bluntly: either you provide a reason for downgrading or
leave it as it is.
i gave a reason why i consider this a bug -- and from the usability POV a
rather grave at that.
you did nothing of that sort, but high-handedly changed it to "wishlist", just
because you feel like it, never bothering to provide a reason.

but never mind. your lordly action was the last push i needed to get rid of
kmail again, together with that horrible akonadi stuff.

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