[Bug 279297] Not all new mails are downloaded

Thomas McGuire mcguire at kde.org
Sun Sep 18 14:55:54 UTC 2011


--- Comment #9 from Thomas McGuire <mcguire kde org>  2011-09-18 14:55:54 ---
Thanks for the log.
Seems that the POP3 resource thinks it has downloaded the message, as it
appears in the seenUID list. Therefore it does not download it again.
Now, there is the possibility that there is a bug in the POP3 resource and the
entry in the seenUID list is wrong, but I somehow doubt that, after looking at
the code it seems sane.
So I think the bug is very likely somewhere else in the Akonadi stack, the
question is just where. Unfortunately I only know the POP3 code well, I am not
that involved in the other parts of Akonadi.

What we can try out now is to see whether the mail is _somewhere_ in Akonadi.
For this, find out the subject of the mail, and grep for it in two places. In
my case, the subject for testing was "Open Science Summit", so I first grepped
the external payload store:
cd .local/share/akonadi/file_db_data/
grep "Open Science Summit" *
2_r0:Subject: Open Science Summit

Then, I looked into the actual mail dir:
cd .local/share/.local-mail.directory/
find . | xargs grep Summit
./inbox/new/{4ef20774-e0f0-493e-a1a3-8dd41e840dae}:Subject: Open Science Summit

This confirms that the mail is properly stored in the maildir.

Then, in akonadiconsole, use the "DB Console" tab to do some database queries:
SELECT * FROM parttable WHERE data LIKE '%Summit%'
If you get a result, use the pimitemid (in my case 2) for another query:
SELECT * FROM parttable WHERE pimitemId = 2

If you got a result from the file_db_data grep earlier (in this case file
'2_r0'), do the following:
SELECT * FROM parttable WHERE data LIKE '%2_r0%'

Please add all results of these here. That will tell us a bit, hopefully.

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