[Bug 248554] Regression: Imap folder changes are not displayed (no longer synchronized?)

Sabine Faure sabine at kdab.net
Thu Sep 9 19:42:47 CEST 2010


Sabine Faure <sabine at kdab.net> changed:

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--- Comment #24 from Sabine Faure <sabine kdab net>  2010-09-09 19:42:41 ---
I retested this today and this is still happening so I am reopening this bug.

Here is more information on what is happening:

1. I deleted my previous Imap resource and configured a new one that worked
fine all day yesterday.

2. Today, however when I relaunched Kmail-mobile there was no automatic first
sync (Could that be because I set the automatic sync interval to 120 minutes?).
The resources status in Akonadi console were displayed as 'Ready'.

3. So I launched a manual sync from the N900. I could see that the Local
Folders were correctly synchronized. But there is still the same pb with Kolab
(I get the exact same errors as in comment #11 in the terminal) and it does not
seem to Sync properly: it stays forever in each folders in Akonadi console
though it manages to move from one to the next.

4. After a long long while (about 1 hour) nothing more happens, The IMAP
resource is never synchronized not even when the user specifically asks to sync
the Inbox Imap from the N900 or when its sync is requested from Akonadi console
(right click on Imap resource - synchronize/Synchronize All). Every resources
in Akonadi console is now displayed with a plug instead of 'Ready' for status. 

I've tried stopping and restarting akonadi server and then relaunching
Kmail-mobile but it does not work (It does make the resources status switch
back to 'Ready' but there are still no automatic sync on start up and no manual
one works either.

It seems that nothing else than deleting and reconfiguring the Imap resource
makes it synchronize again atm but that's only a work around...

N900, 4:4.5~20100909.1173240-1maemo1.1173275

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