[Bug 59626] signed pgp/mime mail with expired key shows bad signature

kavol kavol at seznam.cz
Mon Oct 8 12:00:19 CEST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From kavol seznam cz  2007-10-08 12:00 -------
> So is KMail at fault here or isn't it?

I see it as a KMail fault ... the signature is valid - if the email was *sent (and signed) before the expiration date then the signature cannot be invalidated just because time passes; the signature would be invalid if it was *created*, not read, after the expiration date

imagine a real world example - you sign some agreement for a limited time frame, e.g. one year; after some more years things go wrong and the agreement becomes important at court ... could you imagine that the judge says, looking at the paper with your signature, that the signature is invalid, the ink on the paper (and the record at the attorney) cannot be taken as a proof that you signed it, just because the agreement has expired a few years in the past?

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