[Bug 141301] bounced majordomo messages, when forwarded inline, do not appear inline

Guido Pinkernell guido.pinkernell at gmx.de
Wed Mar 28 15:52:57 BST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From guido.pinkernell gmx de  2007-03-28 16:52 -------
Here is further info on the problem I have reported above. It seems that "fwd inline" does work when the bounced majordomo message is part of a thread containing two messages, but not always. You will like the details ;):

1.  If not part of a thread, bounced majordomo message doesn't appear inline when forwarded inline.

2.  If first message of a thread containig two messages, then bounced majordomo message 
2.1 _does_ appear inline only if thread is closed,
2.2 does _not_ appear inline if thread is open. Then, however, the second message appears inline when forwarded inline.

3. If first message of a thread containing several messages, then bounced majordomo message does always appear inline.

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