Kdenlive Website Divi Builder issue -- again

Eugen Mohr eugen.mohr at gmx.net
Wed Apr 28 06:27:27 BST 2021

Hello Tyson

Thank you for the text update in Chinese. The actual 21.04.0 installer
doesn't delete all files in the Kdenlive folder and the left over leads
to a crash when starting 21.04.0.

Yes this download banner is a "global" page that's the reason why it's
green. It shows up on all language the same. I made the change to a
global page to have it easier when update the version. Then I
implemented a special link "piwi" that the download gets counted so we
can make analysis how many download we have.

The banner is fixed and all download links are working.


Am 28.04.2021 um 05:12 schrieb Tyson Tan:
> Hi team,
> I'm very sorry that I ran into some problem with Kdenlive.org's Divi
> Builder again today.
> When I was trying to edit the newly added red text:
> "Windows: Uninstall old version. Then install version 21.04.0."
> on the Download page, for some reason it broke The Windows
> Setup/Standalone version's download buttons (again!). I did open the
> modules look for the new text's location, but I'm pretty sure I
> clicked the "Disregard All Changes" button before doing anything else.
> I was able to fix the the buttons by using HTML code from a unaffected
> button. I have double checked the links to make sure they are correct
> as well. Still, I think the height of all Download buttons look a bit
> off now. I can't remember whether they started like this or not before
> I touching the page. I was in a panic.
> What I've learned this time: 1) Wordpress's Revision system did not
> work for Divi Builder for some reason. 2) For the Download Section
> specifically, things can't be translated inside of it and all
> languages share the same stuff. 3) I must switch to Code mode first,
> then refresh the page, and only then will Divi display the correct
> HTML code. Otherwise it will display some interpreted codes that
> produces the exact result like when I broke it today. I wonder if they
> are connected.
> Please have a look at the situation and make additional fixes if
> necessary.
> My deepest apology again for the inconvenience!
> Best regards,
> Tyson Tan
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