Bad practices from competitors

RafaƂ Lalik rafallalik at
Mon May 18 14:14:39 BST 2020

I found the fishy ad in Poland in Google (I reported it), no ad in DDG
and Bing (yet).


On 5/16/20 1:50 PM, LuKaRo wrote:
> On 16.05.20 11:59, Camille Moulin wrote:
>> Try with Bing maybe (first time I ever wrote such a statement ;-) ). In
>> France, we get a similar result as Knomo, but translated in French.
> Hi,
> luckily, no fishy advertising when searching for "kdenlive" on
> DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing or Yahoo for me when searching from Germany.
> But when I recommend software to someone, I send them not only the name
> of that application, but always also a link to their official download
> page. This once again shows how important that is.
> I think we should definitely approach Bing regarding that ads. It's
> probably better if someone does it from the country where the ads were
> visible, isn't it?
> Regards,
> LuKaRo

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