Bad practices from competitors

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Sat May 16 10:59:02 BST 2020

Hello Akil,
On 16/05/2020 11:29, Akhil wrote:
> I wonder if this has legal implications,
Yes, it has :-)
> surely using a competitor's name for your own product advertisement
> qualifies as "Misrepresentation" under "Falsely implying affiliation
> with, or endorsement by, another individual, organization, product, or
> service" according to Google Ad policies:
> Have we tried reporting this to Google before? I think it is
> definitely worth a try
> (

Well, actually the example of Knomo, it was Bing Ads : but yes we should
do something about it.

> (I live in India, I do not get the ads directly on searching "Kdenlive",

Try with Bing maybe (first time I ever wrote such a statement ;-) ). In
France, we get a similar result as Knomo, but translated in French.

> but when do I a specialised search, I do get this:

Yep, the URL is fake, which adds to the misrepresentation

> image.png
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