Rendering options for uploading recorded screen video to Vimeo

Dougie Nisbet dougie at
Sun Dec 27 14:47:30 GMT 2020

I wonder if anyone can offer me any tips on good practice for rendering. 
I often capture gameplay from the Rouvy ( cycling simulator, 
perform some simple cutting, transitions and titles, then render for 
uploading to Vimeo. This usually works fine. I select the default MP4 
option in kdenlive and don't touch anything else. For example, here's 
one from a couple of weeks ago that uploaded just fine:

However at the moment I have a 2.8GB file that continuously fails to 
successfully upload to Vimeo. I've tried a few options, including 
uploading directly from Dropbox, and suspect that the issue may be 
Vimeo. I have a support call open with them.

At 2.8GB, it's probably the largest mp4 I've created from kdenlive, and 
I'm revisiting the render options to wondering whether I should chose 
something other than the default. The default options have always worked 
fine for me so I've been reluctant to change anything. I've tried 
rendering without audio (as there isn't any) but I'm not sure what else 
to try.

The file plays fine from my Dropbox account ( ) which does 
suggest to me that the problem could be on the vimeo side. I'll try 
reducing the length of the video and see if that helps. Vimeo have some 
guidelines on video compression ( ) 
so I'm having a look through that too.

I'm running the kdenlive-20.08.2-x86_64.appimage binary on Debian Buster.

Thanks for any pointers,


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