Crash report with AppImage

Cornelius cphbooming2000 at
Mon May 28 17:05:36 UTC 2018


First of all, I LOVE your work, thank you!

Kdenlive crashed reproducibly in version 18.04.1 using the AppImage on 
Ubuntu 16.04 when trying to playback a video with the rotoscoping 
effect. So I went to the website and read how to do a bug report 
(, installed the packages and 
because I could not use the repo version of Ubuntu I started it with 
"gdb Kdenlive.AppImage run" (Kdenlive is in ~/bin), gdb told me that it 
found nothing, therefore Kdenlive did not start. Is there a way to 
report a bug with backtrace using the AppImage or should I just go ahead 
and compile it myself?



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