Documenting Kdenlive fileformat(s) (was: OpenTimelineIO)

Camille camille.moulin at
Sat May 19 10:34:24 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'd like to document Kdenlive's file format, but I wonder where should I 
do it.
There is a wiki page on this topic :
but it's  rather old (11 January 2015‎ )

And there  are  pages on the Website, with detailed and up to  date 

As it's  suboptimal to have the same information in two different 
places, what should i do?
Here are the pro/cons I see for each option :

Website :
     Pros :
         - Results look nice
         - Editing is userfriendly
         - Easily accessible / visible to the reader.
     Cons :
         - No possibility for new comers to contribute
         - No search function.
Wiki :
     Pros :
         - Possibility for everyone to contribute (even though the 
creation of an account is not that straightforward)
         - Native collaboration features (like history, etc.)
         - Search function (limited,  see infra)
     Cons :
         - Currently not very readable (lot of outdated content, etc.)
         - Not very user-friendly
         - No easy way to focus the search only on kdenlive


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