Becoming a Windows maintainer

Vincent Pinon vpinon at
Tue May 15 20:43:29 UTC 2018

Le dimanche 18 mars 2018, 18:09:43 CEST Eugen Mohr a écrit :
> Hallo Kdenlive team
> Like Jeff, I would like to become a Windows maintainer as well. Where 
> can I find information on becoming a Windows maintainer?

Finally trying to answer...

Thank you so much for offering help!

I recently added tiny information on the wiki on how I build for windows...
unfortunately you have to run Linux for that /o\

In the short term, I was thinking of uploading an "SDK" archive like shotcut, with all the headers needed to build Kdenlive (the dynamic libs beeing available with the binaries).
However you still would need CMake, pkg-config, and maybe other tools, probably using MSYS.
That way you could use all the dependencies MXE provides, and debug/rebuild only Kdenlive (and/or MLT ?), either with mingw (tested with corss-build) or MSVC if you prefer (never tried, expect patching) ?

Then I started to prepare building with Craft (mainly missing : MLT & deps + full featured FFmpeg), but this is on hold for few days. This would allow to rebuild everything natively on Windows and allow automatic builds on KDE infra.

Another solution I considered was building libs & app with MSYS' makepkg, but we would again be out of KDE common tools :\

How would you prefer to proceed ?
Are there other candidates & suggestions from the list ?



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