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Mon Aug 20 09:23:25 BST 2018

On 18.08.2018 14:55, johnar1 wrote:
> Hey Jean and guys!

Hello Johnar!

> I have uncovered a new problem with the latest stable AppImage 18.04.1 
> release of kdenlive which is very troublesome.
> Randomly, kdenlive will cause a "click" or "pop" sound at the 
> beginning of an audio track. I have observed that this happens the 
> most when two audio tracks are overlapping or a cut has been made at 
> the beginning of the a clip.
> I have also found that audio pops disappear in the same footage 
> disappear when switching from SDL to RTAudio in the settings.
> I am using a fresh install of Kubuntu 18.04 with updates and
> Mlt and ffmpeg versions all from the Appimage, so this has to be a 
> thing in kdenlive or maybe the latest Alsa / Pulseaudio package?
> I have tried some stuff suggested in forums such as exporting only the 
> audio in wav, but without luck.

I have just uploaded the 18.08.0 AppImage containing the latest MLT. 
Could you check if the problem still happens ?
It is available here:

Thanks for your feedback.


> Any ideas?
> Regards
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> On July 26, 2018 9:20 AM, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <jb at> wrote:
>> On 23.07.2018 00:21, Juku Trump wrote:
>>> Hi,
>> Hello Juku!
>> Thanks a lot for your contribution and sorry for my late reply. Your 
>> help is very welcome. I have now merged your contribution. Regarding 
>> the tests, they need some work and currently don't all pass and 
>> crash. We need to work on that.
>> Regarding other tasks, we really need to make a list of UI 
>> improvements that could be done without too much knowledge of the 
>> whole code. I will try to spend some time on it tomorrow, help is 
>> welcome. But basically, if there is any UI related thing that you 
>> want to improve, feel free to ask and we can guide you if needed.
>> Best regards,
>> Jean-Baptiste
>>> My name is Juku. I am a film hobbyist and I have been using Kdenlive 
>>> for about 8 years. As I'm also a developer, I thought I would try my 
>>> hand on contributing to Kdenlive.
>>> I have mostly been a web developer so far, so I do not have much 
>>> experience with C++ (except for some tutorials) and I have never 
>>> done any Qt development.
>>> I viewed the "Junior Jobs" section in Kdenlive Development 
>>> Information page and tried to fix #384511 for start ("New project 
>>> window does not fit to laptop screen (1366x768)"). Thanks to a hint 
>>> by Christoph Feck in the comments below that bug, I got it fixed and 
>>> submitted the patch (D14281 <>) 
>>> for review.
>>> Currently I'm having some trouble with the automated tests. Should 
>>> they succeed in their current state or are there some known problems 
>>> with them?
>>> It would be helpful if someone would suggest some other tasks which 
>>> I could start with.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Juku

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