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Sat Aug 18 13:55:00 BST 2018

Hey Jean and guys!

I have uncovered a new problem with the latest stable AppImage 18.04.1 release of kdenlive which is very troublesome.

Randomly, kdenlive will cause a "click" or "pop" sound at the beginning of an audio track. I have observed that this happens the most when two audio tracks are overlapping or a cut has been made at the beginning of the a clip.

I have also found that audio pops disappear in the same footage disappear when switching from SDL to RTAudio in the settings.

I am using a fresh install of Kubuntu 18.04 with updates and
Mlt and ffmpeg versions all from the Appimage, so this has to be a thing in kdenlive or maybe the latest Alsa / Pulseaudio package?

I have tried some stuff suggested in forums such as exporting only the audio in wav, but without luck.

Any ideas?


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On July 26, 2018 9:20 AM, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <jb at> wrote:

> On 23.07.2018 00:21, Juku Trump wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hello Juku!
> Thanks a lot for your contribution and sorry for my late reply. Your help is very welcome. I have now merged your contribution. Regarding the tests, they need some work and currently don't all pass and crash. We need to work on that.
> Regarding other tasks, we really need to make a list of UI improvements that could be done without too much knowledge of the whole code. I will try to spend some time on it tomorrow, help is welcome. But basically, if there is any UI related thing that you want to improve, feel free to ask and we can guide you if needed.
> Best regards,
> Jean-Baptiste
>> My name is Juku. I am a film hobbyist and I have been using Kdenlive for about 8 years. As I'm also a developer, I thought I would try my hand on contributing to Kdenlive.
>> I have mostly been a web developer so far, so I do not have much experience with C++ (except for some tutorials) and I have never done any Qt development.
>> I viewed the "Junior Jobs" section in Kdenlive Development Information page and tried to fix #384511 for start ("New project window does not fit to laptop screen (1366x768)"). Thanks to a hint by Christoph Feck in the comments below that bug, I got it fixed and submitted the patch ([D14281]( for review.
>> Currently I'm having some trouble with the automated tests. Should they succeed in their current state or are there some known problems with them?
>> It would be helpful if someone would suggest some other tasks which I could start with.
>> Thanks,
>> Juku
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