"Inside Kdenlive"

Harald Albrecht harald.albrecht at gmx.net
Sat Oct 21 17:57:37 UTC 2017


I've started migrating some of my personal blog posts about Kdenlive/MLT 
projects to our Kdenlive web site. I've added a "Inside Kdenlive" page 
(https://kdenlive.org/inside-kdenlive/), which isn't wired up yet into 
the page header. I've also added a new products category "Inside 
Kdenlive", as well as a product page about the Kdenlive Project XML 

As time permits, I will slowly migrate more and more stuff from my 
personal blog stuff over to the Kdenlive web site to help attracting 
devs. I hope that's also what the others here would like to see...

Best regards,

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