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alberto fuentes pajaro at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 11:15:39 UTC 2017

Now that im working with a lot of tracks Im having a space issue. Im
working with audio and the top video layer at the same time. I need to make
them as small as possible to have them all visible at the same time and
being able to use the audio track

There are probable a better way to think of tracks, but this are just
simple ideas based on top of the current organization:

- Allow to group tracks and have them like trees. The use case is to be
able to make for example 3 layers as background and hide them in just one
track called 'background', in order to use less screen room. Having a
shortcut to compact/expand them

- Being able to scroll the tracks using shift + mouse wheel instead of
moving the mouse to the left and use the wheel on the tracks panel (My main
monitor is 21:9 and my second monitor is on the right... that makes it
slightly annoying to move the cursor all the way to the left to scroll)

- Maybe move all the audio tracks on top of the video tracks (This is the
easy one)

- Maybe allow to fix tracks on the screen so the rest scroll over them.
This way you can work with two random tracks, no matter where they are.
When you scroll passed the fixed track, the tracks just disappear, they
dont show beneath. Otherwise this would fuckup the 'whats above' point of
reference. You would have to fix the lower track always. Maybe even being
able to fix more than one track. Two audios and one video for example :)
(This is slightly more complex )

PS: you cant insert new tracks in the timeline_refactor yet. I added it to
the blockers
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