Pabricator, Cafe and random ideas

alberto fuentes pajaro at
Mon Oct 2 13:00:16 UTC 2017

I was preparing an email to discuss a effects/keyframing/tracks
workflow, then realized I hadnt try the new refactoring branch yet,
and gave it a try to build on whatever is already being worked at

I just compiled a timeline_refactoring and noticed a few bugs/big
things missing, like copy/paste clips. Im trying to figure out
phabricator. Should I create a task per bug under 17.12 bugs task? Are
this kind of things just known? (I mean, no copy/paste)

What kind of things are going to be discussed at the cafe? what should
I prepare? I had a few things to do today, but making kdenlive better
seems an interesting thing to spend the day :)

Thanks for reading!

PS: One question, I dont intend to open my current projects, but
should I had saved settings/caches/etc.. before opening a new project
with timeline_refactoring branch?

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