[kdenlive] Iwan's first website design proposal

Harald Albrecht harald.albrecht at gmx.net
Thu Jan 28 16:29:26 UTC 2016

Just my .02 euros and solely highly subjective impression:

- My impression from other discussions so far is that Kdenlive wants to 
address both newcomers with less demanding projects as well as semipro 
or even professional users. I would suspect that a clean, sleek look 
will attract all these groups in a similar way.

- My impression is that too much of "tool-smitten" screenshots with all 
kind of advanced meter and instruments stuff may actually drive off 
newcomers. "Woah! This even looks complicated, it must be complicated. 
All those fance meters!" Not overstressing the (semi) pro tone will make 
the Kdenlive website more inviting.

- On the other hand, a clean design will please probably all groups to 
at least some extend. Personally, I would consider "clean" to be not 
hammering on worn-out metaphors, such as the film or slide metaphor. For 
the icon and file type it's fine and fitting. But building navigation 
around a film strip metaphor and repeating it in other places as well 
just drives me off. It makes reading difficult and I don't see any 
reason to blur text by underlying graphics. Also text-shadow effects 
have had their time. Let them rest in peace and those place they really 
fit in well.

Alas, just my personal opinion. To be taken with a lot of grain, but not 
necessarily too much salt.

-- Harald

Am 28.01.2016 um 15:53 schrieb Narcis Garcia:
> In my humble opinion:
> - I prefer a professional look over a super-media-rich one, if Kdenlive
> project is really addressed to professional users.
> Iwan's tiger or megascreenshots is so presumptuous to look serious, but
> has cleaner header (the top).
> - I suggest to replace "Linux" by "GNU/Linux"
> - I suggest to replace "Make great videos" by "Edit polite videos"
> (indicating that Kdenlive is a video editor)
> El 28/01/16 a les 04:28, Brian Cluff ha escrit:
>>> To be blunt: not in a design I work on.
>> Got it... this is your baby and you aren't actually looking for input
>> from others...
>>> I can only recommend to abandon the practice of using images with
>>> text built-in in general,
>> If I were to implement that header like that in a design the vast
>> majority of the text would NOT be baked in.  I had only envisioned the
>> word KDENLIVE as being baked into the design, and not even that has to be.
>> The header I did was literally something I spent 10 minutes on.  It was
>> only meant to get imaginations flowing.  I was not suggesting that you
>> stick it, as is, on the top of your design, or any design.
>>> using images as headers because they are obnoxious and distracting. I
>>> also advise against collages as they look unprofessional.
>> It depends on what you are doing.  Most other types of creative software
>> such as blender, inkscape, gimp, etc etc can put the programs final
>> output in the header of their website, which they all do.  It's not
>> distracting at all.  In the case of kdenlive, what you are really
>> showing off is the interface since there is no immediate way to show off
>> the functionality.  A perfectly reasonable way of showing off
>> interesting bits of a potentially complex interface is to do it with a
>> collage.  The idea of a website for a piece of software is to grab the
>> visitors attention immediately so that they will actually stick around
>> and look at what you have to say.  I would argue that having a boring
>> header followed by a GIANT screenshot that you have to scroll past just
>> to get to any real content is unprofessional and distracting.
>> You're better off catching the visitor's attention with a nice header,
>> and then putting the screenshot(s) on the about page (smaller versions
>> that go to full size when you click on them).
>> Brian Cluff
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