[kdenlive] Iwan's first website design proposal

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 20:36:11 UTC 2016

On Wednesday 27 January 2016 02:34:57 Iwan Gabovitch wrote:
> Hello,
> In the 2015-01 IRC cafe[1], I said I would make a web design suggestion -
> so here it is:
> http://klweb.neocities.org

Works for me, not bad at all ;-)

> * Links are not intended to work
> * Images 3/4 in the carousel are missing (image 1 used)
> * This is the landing page. Non-landing page wouldn't contain taglines and
> gallery and possibly not have forum/issue update sidebars
> * 453px is the minimum tested width
> * So far only tested on Chromium/Linux
> * Works fine without JavaScript (you can temporarily turn off JavaScript by
> pressing F12 in Chrome/Chromium and reloading the page)
> * This ties in with the plan to move nearly all content from kdenliveorg to
> Userbase and Community wikis, meaning nobody would ever spend much time on
> kdenliveorg and the longest reading sessions would be to read the blog.

That is a good move in general.

> Please let me know whether you want this design to replace the current
> website look.
> Thanks & cheers,
> Iwan (qubodup)
> [1] https://notes.kde.org/public/kdenlive-cafe02

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