[kdenlive] Volunteering website help - if needed?

Roger Morton ttguy1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 21:50:01 UTC 2016

I have been involved in doing some maintenance of the content on both
the kdenlive.org web site and on the userbase.kde wiki.
Historically the kdenlive.org site was where everything happened. It
was the manual, the forum, the place to make anouncements and to
advertise how to get Kdenlive.

Then for various reasons - as have already been mentioned - we moved a
lot of this functionality to kde infra structure and closed the
kdenlive.org web site to new user registration. Now if we are thinking
of putting more content back on the kdenlive.org website we need to
consider the future maintenance burden.

The way to limit  maintenance burden is to have a large number of
contributors to the  maintenance task. We can get this on the
userbase.kde wiki since new user registrations are open. We can't get
this so easily on kdenlive.org because new automatic registrations are
closed.  We could try opening up kdenlive.org again to new user
registrations but I have to tell you that last time we had this open
we were getting 5 or more fake spammer account registrations per day.
I believe that the security on the registrations system had been
exploited somehow because I would see authorised users that had never
been sent a confirmation email.  This the reason we turned off
registration completely. Maybe this exploit has been fixed. I dunno.
But this just something to consider in all this.

While I agree that the attractiveness of the site is important I
believe the accuracy of the content on the site is more important.
And I don't think we should duplicate information.

We have https://userbase.kde.org/Special:MyLanguage/Kdenlive/Manual/Installation
to speak to installation
and we have https://userbase.kde.org/Kdenlive/Manual/Tutorials  for tutorials

So I am thinking more on the lines that Vincent mentioned. The
kdenlive.org site can have some nice looking promotional material that
is fairly generic in nature and not requiring too much maintanance. It
should link to the more dynamic information at the userbase.kde manual

>(3) Direct the viewer easily to a web page or location where they can get it... or at least show how they can get it.

This is of course one of our biggest issues and has been for ages.
There is no way to have simple instructions on how to get it because
everyone must rely on the package managers of their various linux
distros.  But if we had more contributors to the doco then we might
have users from all different distros updating the doco to tell people
how to install it on their flavor of linux.

While we there is a mood about helping out with doco I would make a
plea to people to help out on the userbase.kde manual. I did a lot of
work on it a few years ago and got it to a point where it was pretty
comprehensive. I had pages covering every menu item (not every effect
or transition had a page - but a skeleton link to create a page was
there).  But now - with the major overall that kdenlive has undergone
- it is out of date in many places. So if people have "documentation
fever" they could help out on the userbase.org wiki. - register a kde
identity account here https://identity.kde.org/?r=registration/index/

I summary my plea to people is to not focus too much on the sexiness
of the websites but to focus on getting the content right. If you see
something wrong just fix it !

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