[kdenlive] Review Request 123628: port places file path to new user-places.xbel (kdelibs)

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Mon May 4 13:38:57 UTC 2015

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Review request for Kdenlive.

Bugs: 347160

Repository: kdenlive


this commit is so distributions have something to cherrypick in case they are still shipping the kdelibs4 version of kdenlive...
functionally the same change as https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/123627/ but for the v0.9.x branch.

the legacy bookmarks.xml file is not supported anymore and will stop
syncing with the user-places.xbel starting with the upcoming kio and
kdelibs releases.

CCBUG: 347160


  src/doc/kdenlivedoc.cpp c2f150cd1a490b2858cdd0c87d853f938f2abe46 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/123628/diff/


builds. no additional testing done


Harald Sitter

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