[kdenlive] GSoC Project

Vincent Pinon vpinon at kde.org
Mon Feb 16 21:13:23 UTC 2015

Hi Gurjot,

Thanks for your interest in our project

> #1: The development environment. Should I go with 14.04 (my current
> env.) or do I need to use Vivid? I've used Vivid just last month but
> frequent crashes made it pretty unstable and created a lot of
> hindrance with workflow.
All development effort is now concentrated on KDE Frameworks 5 version,
so as a developer you should have an environment providing this SDK: Vivid
(or Suse/Arch/anything, but true that all of us will help you more easily with Kubuntu)

At the beginning in November I confined it in a chroot (see howto on our dev wiki page),
but since then I switched to it as permanent environment and I don't see any important problem...

> #2: Which project should I go for? What are the views of everyone on
> that "Add support for new Animation capabilities"? Is this low
> priority? Or should it be blended in with the titler project?
Don't mistake, "property animation" is not an intent to compete with specialized 2D or 3D tools.
It is just an extension of keyframes to have smoother curves than just linear interpolation.
The goal would be to improve our keyframes editor (try for example an affine transition or a brightness effect)
to take into account this new MLT capability (have a look at the link in this idea section),
allowing to switch discrete/linear/spline nodes and view the curve
in effect stack / timeline / monitor depending on case.

Titler is a completely different story, the goal is 1st to do some trials with WebVFX,
then evolve our editor to generate WebVFX code instead of QImage commands,
and then add new functionalities, extending the UI (maybe to rethink in future, but let's progress step by step).

I think we shouldn't plan too much, SoC is rather short for getting into a new codebase,
trying new things, stabilizing code for delivery + reporting.
If completed before end it's always time to help on the rest!

Hope this answers your 1st interrogations,



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