[kdenlive] Developing and communicating

Vincent Pinon vpinon at april.org
Wed Feb 4 06:46:49 UTC 2015


>From my point of view, Kdenlive is in a transition period not very easy to 
handle. After excitement of the new things with Frameworks 5 (rapidly 
handled!), we have entered yet a new difficult refactoring effort. Where to 
start, where to stop?
We have targets on todo.kde.org, but main items are not so easy...
Organizing a sprint would certainly be a good thing, with more than 2 devs? 
(actually I'm counting for 0.5 :-\ )

Meanwhile, we still have many users using our stable release, and still facing 
problems. Less and less are using mantis bug tracker (kept for 0.9.10), as 
very few people are replying there: I almost gave up too!
So help is coming from forums, but we do not track and fix the issues...

These issues are sometimes with Kdenlive itself, but often with multimedia 
stack (ffmpeg/libav and MLT combinations: difficult to reproduce every case). 
Most of the time the solution proposed is to switch to MLT daily builds which 
embed all the libs, but this is not satisfactory to have broken distro 
We should forward those cases to upstream libs and downstream packagers, but 
it requires some cleaning that I don't find time for. Volunteers?

Last point is about web site: we should definitely give some news, but I'm also 
wondering how to better put forward the *base.kde.org wikis on which we have 
relevant information for users (manual) and contributors (howto, roadmap, 
Few people have editing access to kdenlive.org (even if we easily open rights 
when you ask), while wikis are open to all KDE community and can be 
translated, so pointing our home page there could be a good thing?

Sorry for so many question marks!


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