[Kdenlive-devel] Releases

Vincent Pinon vincent.pinon at laposte.net
Wed May 14 19:10:40 UTC 2014

That happened this afternoon: v0.9.8 is out!
=> relayed on planetkde.org, then quickly commented on phoronix...

time to update "release" packages, test, and comment...
and time for me to make a mess in master ;-)

Le vendredi 9 mai 2014, 09:41:33 Dan Dennedy a écrit :
> On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 5:48 AM, Vincent PINON 
<vincent.pinon at laposte.net>wrote:
> > Hi Kdenlive devs & fans,
> > 
> > It's been a long time we have not released any piece of code, while much
> > work has been done on various points.
> > Our users either are either stuck with old 0.9.6 version (many little
> > bugs fixed since then) or take the risk to track development head.
> > 
> > As the laptop I carry everywhere has a too poor GPU to run movit (and
> > I'm not the only one), I tagged the latest commit before Sesse's work
> > merge as,
> > and picked the later changes not involving GLSL in a separate branch
> > ("next" was available, maybe it was not a very good choice :-/).
> > I prepared a release version (CMake option) and tagged
> > Before preparing a tarball, getting PPA builds and blogging about it,
> > maybe you would like to test a bit more this version (I don't edit
> > movies intensively these times) or have precises fixs in mind?
> > Up to you to react in the next few days ;-)
> I recommend that you do not add another field to your release numbering
> scheme. It is fine for git tagging, but please consider releasing the next
> version regardless of its contents as 0.9.8. Consider not so much the
> meaning of the version number but how it might be used by software
> collections for tracking upgrades. etc. Also, do you think users really
> want to have to remember to specify instead of 0.9.6? They might
> even think that additional .2 does not represent a code change but perhaps
> some packaging- or build-related change.
> > That being said, I think it shouldn't be hard to disable movit if it
> > fails to start. Once done, maybe we could think of releasing "master" as
> > 0.9.8(.0), a useful milestone (to track bugs) ! Or do you consider it is
> > too far from stable ? We shouldn't disappoint the release-channel users...
> Based on my brief testing while updating and supporting the
> build-kdenlive.sh script, it is not stable enough.
> +-DRD-+

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