[Kdenlive-devel] movit in kdenlive build script

Ed Rogalsky ed.rogalsky at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 09:50:24 UTC 2014

In my opinion to have support for 10 years old hardware is more than enough
and to drop support for SDL is ok for me.
SDL did the job the last years so far but GL has great potential.
Absolutely smooth running with several filters applied
to hd material is pretty cool.

In this point I'm with Steinar. Its better to concentrate on openGL and
make it perfect than to try to support all possible
very old hardware. We dont have this crew to do this. And openGL is the
future or already standard in pro video programs
like Liteworks and co. Another point is what GL version to support. This
has to be discussed.


BTW: here the patch



2014-03-15 19:18 GMT+01:00 Brian Matherly <pez4brian at yahoo.com>:

> > Well, notwithstanding that it might work just fine with your card anyway,
> > I'm not sure if there should be a perpetual "right to upgrade". Software
> has
> > increasing system demands all the time, as they add more features. As an
> > extreme example, you can't run Linux on 386 anymore :-)
> It seems to come down to some core questions for you guys to decide:
> * Should OpenGl be a strict requirement for KDENLIVE?
> * If so, what version?
> * Should Movit be a strict requirement for KDENLIVE?
> I still don't understand why the build script (which does not include
> movit) doesn't produce a working KDENLIVE. I understand that the monitor
> requires OpenGL. But why does it also require Movit? Can't the monitor work
> with OpenGL even if Movit is not available?
> ~Brian
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