[Kdenlive-devel] Slideshow animation added

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Tue Sep 7 07:51:29 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 31 August 2010 09:49:25 Dan Dennedy wrote:
> Just a note to let you know that I added center-crop and animation
> features to the Slideshow Clip. The animation feature exposed some
> position-related bugs in the MLT luma filter, which I fixed in mlt git
> tonight. It does need more testing to ensure that it is zoomed enough
> to not expose black edges on the pans, but I at least wanted to get
> the UI and strings in before the freeze.
> Oh, and I could not figure out how to get the clip to reload when
> changing options in the Clip Properties dialog. Any hints appreciated.
> Meanwhile, if you do change some slideshow options you need to reload
> the clip.

I fixed the reloading on property changed, see svn commit 4856:



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