[Kdenlive-devel] Next release & roadmap...

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Fri Sep 3 10:04:19 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 31 August 2010 20:30:33 Till Theato wrote:
> On 08/31/2010 07:32 PM, Simon Eugster wrote:
> > 2010/8/22 jb <jb at kdenlive.org>:
> >> Hi!
> >> 
> >> I just made a big commit enabling track effects. So you can now drag &
> >> drop an effect on a track header and it will be appied on the whole
> >> track.
> >> 
> >> I still have to do some work on it (currently they are not correctly
> >> saved so use only for testing, also have to disable keyframable effects
> >> for tracks), and
> @jb: Why are keyframes not possible on tracks? Does something like in =
> 0 and out = track duration not work? Or is there something I'm missing?
> Are there problems keeping track of the track duration, or something
> similar?

I think keyframes are possible for track effects, but if we want it, we need a 
good GUI implementation, which at least displays the keyframes in the tracks 
and maybe also allows adjusting them directly in the track. Also, I was not 
sure how to manage keyframes when the track duration changes.

It was too short to get that in the 0.7.8 release, so I prefered not to allow 
keyframes until properly implemented.


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