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Evert Vorster evorster at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 07:37:01 UTC 2009

> > I have some sample clips from the 50i/25p Canon HF100, and they work
> > fine here. I did not do extensive cutting or anything, however - just
> > playback in the Clip Monitor. Also, I tested the output of Kdenlive's
> > Transcode to DNxHD, which just runs ffmpeg as a child, and that works
> > fine as well. And I am confident that cutting on the DNxHD output will
> > not give altered playback rate (less confident about that when
> > directly using AVCHD).
Consider my socks blown off. I mean... WOW. I never had any idea that
editing HD files can be so fast!
I took the advice and transcoded a few files to DNxHD. I am hard-pressed to
see the difference in image quality...
But when it comes to editing the video... I can see why AVCHD get so little

I'm going to be stubborn, and keep my AVCHD files anyways.. who knows, maybe
one day AVCHD can directly be editied just as fast? But I am going to
transcode all of my AVCHD files for editing now. ( I can already hear my CPU
going: noooooooo! ) hehe

Have a fantastic week.
-Evert Vorster-
P.S. kdenlive has just become my new favorite video editor.
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