[Kdenlive-devel] Reorganizing Website(s)

Hendrik kdenlive at glokal.eu
Sat Nov 29 16:22:21 UTC 2008

Hi everybody,
first of all let me just say that Kdenlive 0.7 is really awesome, thanks for 
all the hard work!

Now for some (hopefully constructive) criticism. I hope I'm not repeating too 
much of what was debated before. I have only recently joined the mailing list 
but tried to skim the archives for relevant posts. The main reason for this 
mail is that I found it quite confusing where to find what information and 
where to use which channel. Thus, here a few direct changes meant to 
illustrate those points. There are other possibilities that work, too, but I 
wanted to at least give concrete examples as well as solutions.

* Let's start with a simple one: Remove the "Misc" block and add "They talk 
about us" as "Press" to "Main".  Just a change in language but much clearer I 

* Remove the Wiki block. OK, that's not that easy but those pages really need 
to go away. The "Chapters" in the Wiki should probably stay with a warning at 
the top "not fully relevant to 0.7 and above" and keep a link to it in the 
"Tutorials" section. Then the work on a new doc, possibly with the Drupal 
Books module as discussed before on the ML, could commence. 

The "Development" part of the Kdenlive content on Wikibooks is the real 
problem though, it puts instructions there that would probably be better 
maintained under then kdenlive.org umbrella. I'm counting the "Feature 
requests and roadmap" chapter to be belonging to this, too, since it basically 
is a duplicate of the bugtracker. 

* The link under "Participate" for the bugtracker could simply be changed to a 
Drupal page with the content of the wiki article on how to file a bug. If one 
wants to keep the direct link, a sublink could be added to the bugtracker link 
like "How to use the bugtracker."

* Kill the "Ideas" forum in the forums by integrating it into the general 
forum. The other option would be to have a moderator go through each thread 
(and every new one after that) and see if the thread isn't actually a feature 
request and a bug should be filed and probably lock it afterwards.

* Kill the "Contact" link under "Main." Instead, add "IRC channel" and 
"mailing list" as unique items under "Participate". The reason behind this is 
that the potential user can see directly what communication options there are. 
Also, "Contact" might be confused by some as a link to contact certain 
developers or the site administrators.

* Finally a minor issue: Remove the "Navigation" block on the left hand side 
since "Recent posts" is already a block by itself on the right hand side.

Whew, I hope I didn't step on too many toes, I know not all of this will 
happen, but if some of it finds consensus, I'm willing to help and also have a 
bit of experience with Drupal.


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