[Kdenlive-devel] Timeline layout discussion?

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Thu Nov 20 12:52:21 UTC 2008

torsdag 20 November 2008 skrev reinhard:

> Now PROBLEM #1 comes up, because the transition has wrong default
> direction, in this case, and I have to manually change the direction of
> the transition.

I think this is a valid problem, and that the default direction of lumas 
should be changed.

> Ok, going on doing some more edits.....
> Later in the process I need to add an PIP (Picture In Picture) to the
> first clip in track 0, which leads to PROBLEM #2, because actually it's
> not possible to add a new track above track 0.
> So, I've tried to add the PIP clip below of track 0 and tried the
> composite transition for this purpose, but I failed. But maybe I did
> something wrong here?

Have you checked your version against this issue 
http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=273 ? You need at least svn rev 
2710 I reckon.



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