[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive 0.7 Documentation - Wikibooks, Drupal or...?

Jean-Michel Pouré jm at poure.com
Thu Nov 20 09:18:57 UTC 2008

> jmpoure, since you are working on the website and have a better
> knowledge of 
> Drupal, I would like to hear your opinion on that subject...

Hello everyone,

Drupal is the ideal plaform for web communities. It provides everything
which is needed : collaborative books, translation interface, po
handling (kdenlive translation) and even nice forums. 

I will try to answer globally to these questions :

=> Collaborative books and docbook handling

A port to Drupal 6.6 is planned. The author says that the Docbook module
for 5.5 will be deprecated soon.

I asked questions here:

Maybe we can help in the port.
As Drupal already provides XML code, it should not be hard to export to Docbook.

I will try this module and report back.

=> Video
Because Kdenlive is a video editor, we should use Kdenlive and recordmydesktop to make short presentations of 30 seconds. 
Maybe the docbook can point to the online tutorial. This needs some testing. bliptv services can be used for broadcast.

See my test page :

You can use this code in Drupal to display a 640x480 reader, which can be toggled to 1280x720 native resoltion:
<embed src="http://blip.tv/play/AdnyMAA" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="510" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed>

Where AdnyMAA is the reference of the clip in bliptv.

In the docbook, we may substitute the online reader with an image.
This may be done creating a custom content in Drupal, which would display a reader on internet and an image in docbook format.

I did not study this issue so far, as for the Docbook part.

=> How we can collaborate
A large portion of the work when setting up a Drupal site is downloading/installing and maintaining the needed modules. 
What I do is handling the modules on an SVN server. Then you only need to run a cron job on the Apache server to update the
web directory OR use rsync to publish the updated Drupal directory. JB and friends, I really encourage you to use my Drupal SVN.

The adress is there:

After update, you only need to run http://site-address/drupal/update.php

I can provide write access to my SVN to any know hacker on this list.

=> Another issue is unique login
In my opinion, this can only be resolved using only Drupal and dropping PhpBB.
I recently discovered http://www.webmaster-forums.net which uses Drupal Advanced forums (in my SVN).
This is the proof that Drupal forums are now usable. I am not very happy with speed compared to PhpBB,
as Drupal sometimes send 30 SQL queries when only one is needed ... but it seems to be a suitabe solution.

I tried a demo for the forum here (pardon me, it is very basic):

With nice tango icons like webmaster-forums, it could be a suitable solution.
I still don't know how to pin a message ... we will find solutions ...

The presentation of the forum also needs some cleaning.
All this can be done if we use my SVN.

=> Migration
The big issue is migration. I handle a 500.000 messages board running under PhpBB 3.x and PostgreSQL. 
I plan to migrate accounts. I would love to migrate Kdenlive boards. If we use double logging solutions,
this is a dead-end, as we will have difficulties managing spam, user accounts, etc ... Large boards are
always attacks by no-life people, you really need moderators and to handle accounts. I really believe that
Kdenlive community can grow very large, so a single solution like Drupal is needed.

To migrate PhpBB to Drupal, http://drupal.org/project/phpbb2drupal is needed. 
It is also part of my SVN.

Feel free to ask me any question using kdenlive list.
JB, I need complete FTP access and top Drupal password to handle rsync and the rest.
Rsync needs to be done in several scripts, as the module directory should erase non-needed files.
But the files in directory "sites" should be kept.

I can handle PhpBB migration and Forum migration, which is planned for my other site.
Is there any IRC where we can make a meeting to discuss these issues.

Kind regards,

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