[Kdenlive-devel] Draft mantis policy - RFC

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Tue Nov 11 06:27:08 UTC 2008

tirsdag 11 November 2008 skrev Bugs Bane:
> Oh Mighty Mantis-OverLord (tm),
> May your humble servant ask for your opinion (or that of anyone else
> here) on a couple of things:

Why do I get a feeling I am going to regret the overlord thing? :-)

> 1. Would I be correct in assuming that issues that require *developer*
> feedback rather than *user* feedback would be best left at
> "acknowledged"? I'm assuming this so that dev's can focus on just
> looking at Acknowledged and Assigned (to them) statuses without
> getting caught up in the mass of "Feedback Needed" issues.

That was my general idea, yes. I it is not without weaknesses though, so I 
would be happy to discuss.

> 2. Are all nice, but wildly ambitious features ("Make Kdenlive read
> your brainscan and instantly produce the exact project you desire.")
> automatically just assigned to the next release+1 (eg .7.1 now), can
> they be assigned to some nebulous "future ideas" category, or should
> they just be closed?

My idea was to add (as soon as 0.7.0 is out of the door) at least a "future 
version", and perhaps also rename 0.7.1 to "next version". Then, do a rough 
cut, where the most ambitious stuff gets moved to "future version". Good 
thing: Easy to do. Bad thing: May very well disappoint some users that a 
feature keeps getting postponed with every new version. Again, very much open 
for discussion.

> 3. On a different note, I'm wondering about how normal, non-compiling
> humans will be able to get the Kdenlive 0.7 release. Presumably the
> KBW will continue to provide builds of the cutting edge, development
> version (eg .7.1.x) and so it won't be suitable for people just
> wanting a stable 0.7 release. Can we just tar.gz up the binary folder
> that KBW creates and release that for specific platforms (a la
> Blender) known to have dependencies in certain places? I'm probably
> thinking about things way beyond the scope of my technical knowledge
> here, but just as a user know that I wouldn't be using Kdenlive right
> now if I didn't have an easy, compiling-free way of installing it.

This is on a different note. I think at the very least, tarballs for mlt/mlt++ 
and kdenlive are going to be released(?). Also, just for reference, the 
builder is able to build a specific version, by selecting the appropriate svn 
revs - this just for reference, as it would be kind of silly?

> PS, that RSS feed of issues is a life saver! Thanks for pointing that
> out Mighty One!

You are most welcome.



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