[Kdenlive-devel] Pop quiz to finish off KDE-Digest story

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Fri Nov 7 18:29:41 UTC 2008

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 12:34 AM, Jean-Michel Pouré <jm at poure.com> wrote:
> Le mercredi 05 novembre 2008 à 14:40 -0500, Bugs Bane a écrit :
>> I'm just about finished writing up the story for KDE-Digest. I suspect
>> it would make a nice press release, too. Not being involved in the
>> actual code myself (beyond reporting bugs) there were just a couple of
>> quick questions to clear up to finish this off. Feel free to only
>> answer the ones you know!
> It would also be nice to publish information from the "camcorder"
> end-user point of view :
> 1) Video editing is the last frontier under GNU/Linux


> Video editing is one of the last domain that had no real alternative
> under Free Software. kdenlive claims to become an alternative project to

which is a big discredit to all the others who have been working on
video editing for years including myself.

> closed source softwares like Vegas (Windows) or Final Cut Pro (MacOs).
> Now it is possible to access power editing software under Linux. We hope

I find the hyperbole of all of point 1 to be quite distasteful, but
unfortunately not uncommon in press releases. Let the tool speak for

> that one day professionnals (TV, reporters, documentary makers) will
> erase Windows and use only free software.

P.S. my work is not specifically aimed at facilitating professional
usage although I do not discourage (attempting) it. I guess some
unpaid, free software developers do it for the glory of laying claim
to how popular it is with professionals, but not me. I am motivated by
my own needs and happy to hear about people using it to share
experiences and craft memories.

> 2) A versatile support of Video camcorders formats
> Kdenlive has a versatile support of new camcorders, including DV, HDV
> (mpeg2) and AVCHD (h264, still needs some testing). This is due to MLT

these might be obvious:
mpeg2 -> MPEG-2, h264 -> H.264

> and ffmeg support. Kdenlive is the graphical interface to a

ffmpeg -> FFmpeg

Some people might ask credit for frei0r and LADSPA, but you have to
draw the line somewhere to prevent it from becoming ridiculous. OTOH,

> professionnal solution called MLT, which relies on ffmpeg. This is the
> power of Free Software.
> 3) Edit and export to any format
> Kdenlive supports virtualy any kind of video formats in export. We also
> provide custom export formats for Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.  Film,

Personally, I would like to see blip.tv on that list, but not
necessarily asking anyone to lift a finger. blip.tv can accept the
Vimeo one, I guess, but it is rare in that it can also accept Ogg
Theora, transcode it to Flash, and then make the original Ogg Theora
available for download. The Ogg Theora support appeals to a lot of
Free Software users. Also, you can declare your own license (e.g.,
Creative Commons) instead of agreeing to the service's license.

> edit and export. Easy!
> 4) Could you advocate that Kdenlive is always looking for good
> developpers. We have an impressive list of features to implement.
> We would like to build a community. There is no limit to this project
> and I hope that it can be useful.
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Michel Pouré


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