[Kdenlive-devel] KDEnlive aspect ratio

el jefe delito eljefedelito at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 16:03:30 UTC 2008

> > That bug 245 is marked as closed on 2008-10-23; my SVN build is from 
>> 2008-11-03, should I try to get a more recent build anyways to see if it 
>> helps?
> I am not sure there have been more changes to this. If it is not too much 
> trouble it would be good to get a check on the newest svn, otherwise, just an 
> example clip, kdenlive svn rev/date and steps to reproduce.

I just rebult KDEnlive now and will test it when I am at that computer again, and report back.

Also in the past, for KDEnlive 0.5 and maybe the 0.6-SVN builds, I had this in my .bashrc which i just realized may be affecting things, or not; does this still do anything for the current revision of KDEnlive or MLT?  I think it was there per a suggestion by Dan Dennedy when I was having other aspect ratio issues:
> alias kdenlive='MLT_NORMALISATION=NTSC kdenlive'
I have removed these lines from my .bashrc just now (the alias may not have affected anything since I was launching this build by clicking the executable, but the 'export' may have) and will test with both my new build and my 20081103 build to see if anything has changed (when I am at that computer later).

Just to help speed up the process, I have created a new bug since I wasn't able to attach sample video to bug 245 (it was closed), but now I don't have small enough files to upload so I'll have to do that later also.

Also I notice that the aspect ratio is correct in Kino, but opening a .dv file in Kaffeine makes it look wrong just as it did in KDEnlive, so maybe the footage/capture has issues and not KDEnlive after all?

Thanks all.

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