[Kdenlive-devel] Release plan

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Fri Nov 7 12:09:07 UTC 2008

fredag 07 November 2008 skrev jb:
> Hi everyone.
> I am rather happy with the current svn state, we manage to fix all important 
> bugs and are now ready for the Kdenlive 0.7 release I think, thanks to all 
> helped.

A release sounds great.

I would like to suggest though that everyone on this list gives the newest 
kdenlive a spin, and tries to work with it a bit, to see if any of the recent 
changes has resulted in regressions. And if you are, perhaps join me on irc: 
#kdenlive on irc.freenode.net.

> I will be away for the week-end and plan to release Kdenlive 0.7 on tuesday 
> (11th of november).

Sounds good.

I am planning to work on Kdenlive during the weekend. On my radar is improving 
the kdenlive 0.5 file reading (I think I may be able to fix it to load 
titles), to a state where I can load and work with my two "big" kdenlive 0.5 
projects. These should all be non-intrusive changes to "convertDocument", 
which should not break anything else.

My wife is visiting family with the kids, so hopefully I will be able to work 
quite a lot on it.

Also, I plan on triaging some more bugs - hopefully weeding out some of the 
new and feedback ones, and following up on a number of commits done by jb (I 
am behind, but will catch up).

Speaking of bugs: I would be happy to get some feedback on the mantis policy 
document I sent out recently. In Denmark we have a saying: "He who keeps 
silent consents" - Is this also the case in English?

I hope that a release of 0.7.0 will result in a lot of new users, and I find 
it inevitable that this will also result in a lot of new issues reported, so 
it would be nice to be able to agree/discuss a mantis policy before Tuesday.



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