[Kdenlive-devel] Pop quiz to finish off KDE-Digest story

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Wed Nov 5 20:51:40 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 05 November 2008 20.40:16 Bugs Bane wrote:

> 1. I think I remember reading that Kdenlive takes advantage of
> multi-core CPU's now. Is this accurate?
Kdenlive itself is not using threads. But MLT now supports multi-threading 
(using FFmpeg threads)... that's all I can say about that.

> 2. There was mention way back of initial support of jog shuttle
> devices. Where's this at now? Would be most accurate to say it's still
> at an initial support level, not functioning or fully functioning?

Well, I have one device (a CAVS SpaceShuttle), and if the permissions are set 
up correctly (you need read access on it), you can seek in timeline and play / 
pause with it. The configuration options in Kdenlive could also be much 
improved to make it really useful. I have no other reports about similar 
devices, so I guess it's better to say it is still an "initial support 

> 4. I read about many effects (especially the Fri0r ones) being
> blacklisted for not working fully. How many effects and transitions
> are usable at the moment? (after blacklisting)

Some of the video effects are listed on the kdenlive web site: 

A few frei0r effects were blacklisted because they were duplicates of MLT core 
effects. Only one is completely disabled because of a crash. 
In my Kdenlive install, I have about 35 video effects and 19 audio effects

I have 30 transitions listed, but I think only about 10 of them are usable 
(the other one - taken from frei0r - would need some extra work on MLT and 
Kdenlive to be usable)

> 5. To help attract contributors it would be useful to get some idea of
> what help is needed and would be some of the most interesting parts of
> working on the code for Kdenlive. I saw mention of documentation and
> tutorials. Anything else?

If some people want to help coding, the best is to have a look at our roadmap:

They can pick up a feature or bug and try to work on it. Questions on the code 
can always be sent to this list.


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