[Kdenlive-devel] Pop quiz to finish off KDE-Digest story

Bugs Bane bugsbane at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 19:40:16 UTC 2008

Hey all,

I'm just about finished writing up the story for KDE-Digest. I suspect
it would make a nice press release, too. Not being involved in the
actual code myself (beyond reporting bugs) there were just a couple of
quick questions to clear up to finish this off. Feel free to only
answer the ones you know!

1. I think I remember reading that Kdenlive takes advantage of
multi-core CPU's now. Is this accurate?
2. There was mention way back of initial support of jog shuttle
devices. Where's this at now? Would be most accurate to say it's still
at an initial support level, not functioning or fully functioning?
3. My sense is that v0.7 is far more stable already than 0.5, but I
never really used 0.5 much so I can't say. Do people feel it would be
accurate to say it's more stable?
4. I read about many effects (especially the Fri0r ones) being
blacklisted for not working fully. How many effects and transitions
are usable at the moment? (after blacklisting)
5. To help attract contributors it would be useful to get some idea of
what help is needed and would be some of the most interesting parts of
working on the code for Kdenlive. I saw mention of documentation and
tutorials. Anything else?
6. Does anyone have any ideas for where we might be a good place to
ask around for someone willing to create deb / rpm packages? Does
anyone know a packager who might be willing to help?



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