[Kdenlive-devel] Contributor / developer howtos ?

Thomas Holzmann holzi1 at gmx.at
Thu Apr 24 11:55:11 UTC 2008


g.marco at freenet.de wrote:
> Can someone give me pointers to howtos?
>>> no there is now such howto AFAIK.
>> Maybe a wiki page addition would be worthy--unless there are too few 
>> candidates for development. :)
> yes there are not many candidates, only two active developers (for the code 
> itself), and not very often new devs are asking.
> you could start adding a wiki page with what you want to know, i'll try to add 
> then the answers/HOWTOs to the page, when you have one if you want.
> i hope this would help you

I would also be interested to participate in kdenlive development! Maybe 
I could help fix some bugs because I think it would be the most 
important thing to make kdenlive really stable.

I'm a computer engineering student with quite good experience in c++ but 
not much experience with Qt/KDE development (but I would like to improve 
this :-)).

However, it would be very good to have such a HOWTO for new developers!


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