[Kdenlive-devel] Export is wrong footage

jb jb at ader.ch
Sun Sep 30 16:56:48 UTC 2007

On Sunday 30 September 2007 18.26:13 el jefe delito wrote:
> >If you have the XML project file, that would be great to have. I will
> >use my own large DV AVI files with it.
> It is attached.  But again, I don't know if it will really work because now
> my whole KDEnlive is messed up, with video on the second track which cannot
> be deleted, as well as the wrong footage in my Timeline now, not just the
> output file.  I cannot move clips in the Timeline, I cannot see the little
> arrow-pointer which shows which frame the timeline viewer is looking at;
> each pause or stop of playing the Timeline puts the viewer back at the
> first frame of the movie... overall, its messy and I don't know if it is
> only Kdenlive (since it's messed up for all new and old projects that I
> create/open) or if it also 'infected' this file as well...  I think
> partially Kdenlive autosaves the project, which is great, but at the same
> time it overwrote the known-good project file while keeping my 'move this
> track to Video2 to do something' and now its stuck there....  am I making
> any sense?


I had a quick look at your project file and something is definitely corrupted. 
The clips which have the speed effect had an infinite duration (see the "inf" 
value in project file). This already happened to some other users, I have not 
yet found a way to reproduce this bug in Kdenlive that results in some clips 
having an infinite duration.

I send you back a fixed version, with an arbitrary length of 1.6 minutes for 
the problematic clips.

Please try to open the project file & see if the problem is fixed.


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