[Kdenlive-devel] [Kino-dev] USB capture?

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Sun Sep 23 05:34:15 UTC 2007

On Saturday 22 September 2007, Halim Issa wrote:
> Hello, and thanks for a great product!
> The various howto's and documentation pieces of kino are a little confusing
> to me when it comes to supported transport standards (firewire and/or USB).
> On one hand they state that one _must_ have ieee1394 (firewire) to be able
> to download the video from the camera to the Linux-PC, but on the other
> hand the documentation also seems to mention that USB 2.0 is supported.

The capture document says "Neither does it support Video4Linux or USB for a 
capture interface." Neither means it does not.
The only other reference to USB is in regards to Jog/Shuttle input 

> Could someone kindly clarify which one is correct, and if firewire is the
> only currently supported connection, is there any plans to support USB in
> the future?

Kino only supports FireWire. dvgrab 3.0 now supports DV over USB, but not many 
DV cameras that have a USB port actually use the standard for transferring DV 
over it--typically only still photos. You can check to see if your camera 
supports USB Video Class with DV payload, and then try to use linux-uvc 
driver and dvgrab 3.0. There are no plans for Kino to support USB Video 
Class; however, kdenlive ought to eventually support it since it uses dvgrab.

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