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Salvatore Brigaglia torebrigaglia at yahoo.it
Thu Jan 25 09:49:41 UTC 2007

Alle 12:03, martedì 23 gennaio 2007, Dan Attwood ha scritto:
> I notced there was no mention of kdenlive.
> I emailed the the author and usggested he might like to try it.
> I thought you would all be inrested in the response i got back;
> Dan, I am standing here doing a little dance as you just supplied me
> with the one app that allows me to toss my XP partition for good.
> Video editing was the last piece to Linux puzzle, you just just made
> my year.

So was I just a week ago when i had the chance to try kdenlive, exactly the 
same (i'v only missed the dances). That was why i joined the list. I Really 
think that this piece of software is one of the last things we need to gain a 
more significant figures in the desktop market.

this is my first post to the list, I'll start with a thought:
I saw the kdenlive announcement on kde-apps.org monts ago but was never able 
to try it in kubuntu looking for it in the repos. A week ago, installing the 
latest openSUSE for a friend i discovered that kdenlive where on the repos 
(some repos i'v added i think).
Googling for a while i wasn't able to easily find a repo thath contains 
kdenlive for (k)ubuntu. Another thing is thath i'v never herad of Kdenlive in 
the kde-promo list. Maybe i can write some words to them??

I'm (and my little spare time) at your orders!

anyway, good job. thanks to helping in make a better world!

Salvatore Brigaglia - Sardinia - Italy
OSS Software consultant for Home/Small businness
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