[Kdenlive-devel] kdenlive really usable?

jb jb at ader.ch
Tue Oct 17 12:07:20 UTC 2006

jdd wrote:

> So is it now possible to use it for day to day use? is there 
> a static or at least a precompiled version? (at that time, I 
> had to recompile all the libraries and this was pretty long)

No, I don't think it is ready for daily use.
I plan to make some changes to the file format in the next days/weeks, 
and cannot guarantee that projects can load without problems.

Kdenlive 0.4 should be stable enough and have all basic features working 
for a daily use.

Before releasing that version, I still want to:

* Clean up the format for saved project files
* Fix random crashes at startup or when opening a new project
* Rewrite the export dialog and fix NTSC export issues
* Finish the DVD export feature (including very basic menu creation)
* If possible, include the slowmotion feature.
* And of course the usual bugfixes

I hope to be able to release it in something like 1-2 month time.


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