[Kdenlive-devel] Buyin an HDV camcorder - Advice needed

jmpoure at free.fr jmpoure at free.fr
Fri Oct 13 08:08:50 UTC 2006

> Hehehe, you're right. That hdv 2-second delay bug got fixed in svn. Thanks
> letting me know. I'll switch back to editing in hdv instead of dv.
> -Brett

That's a pleasure dear Brett.

I am working with a team of 15 persons on a documentary.
We are planning to buy an HDV camcorder.

Could you upload somewhere examples of a short
(maybe 5 to 10 seconds) 720p and 1050i film, encoded in mpeg2,
in the original HDV quality, without re-encoding.

This could help us analyse the shots
and would also be helpfull for
Kdenlive and mlt hackers to perform interesting tests.

In fact, it is quite important for me to be able
to analyse HDV films now.

If you can help me, thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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