[Kdenlive-devel] QDVDAuthor - export

varokan varokan at movingsatellites.com
Wed Oct 4 13:15:24 UTC 2006

I think it is a two step process.
1) you create the videos in Kdenlive
2) you export (or start) QDVDAuthor

I don't think that we need some kind of communication pipe between the 
two programs (I.e. if you change some video/setting in kdenlive should 
not affect QDVDAuthor's handling of the material).

I can create any type of import filter (that is not too complex). I am 
currently supporting dvdauthor and spumux xml files (to some degree) and 
kino's SMIL format.

We could agree on a set xml format for the data exchange. However if you 
could export a dvdauthor/spumux pair of xml's then the user could also 
use dvdauthor directly if he wishes to. In that case you can simply pass 
the generated file names to QDVDAuthor like this :

 > qdvdauthor -d <dvdauthor.xml> -s < spumux1.xml spumux2.xml ... >

In which case I would be done on my side ;)

If this is too complex or does not grant all the flexibility we seek, we 
can come up with our own format.

Varol :)

jb wrote:

>reinhard wrote:
>>On Tuesday 03 October 2006 15:29, varokan wrote:
>>>I am wondering if you guys would be interested in adding a QDVDAuthor
>>>export option. This way the user experience would increase and the two
>>>apps would be able to work seemlesly together.
>>>I could add a command line option, just like I do for kino, and create a
>>>new project in QDVDAuthor.
>Sure, integration with a DVD program would be nice, but I am not sure 
>which communication formats we should use... What input does QDVDAuthor 
>need , and how/when is the rendering done ? Not sure to understand how 
>both programs interact, so would be glad if you can provide me with some 
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