[Kdenlive-devel] DV video 16:9

GeBu gebu at seznam.cz
Thu Dec 28 10:11:34 UTC 2006

can you help me to correctly work (import and export) with video from dv
cammera in 16:9 aspect ratio and 720x576 resolution (non-square pixels)
for export to 16:9 format. It looks that KDEnlive transform it to 4:3
Which resolution of pictures is right, when I want to join them to the

Before I little worked with kino and kino system looks good for me:
Kino during import transform non-square pixels to square. It means that
the video has resolution 768x576 for 4:3 and 1024x576 for 16:9. If you
want to join a picture that you must use picture of this resolution.

I like how KDEnlive works with efects etc. Great job :-) .
Jirka (GeBu)

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