[Kdenlive-devel] speed effect usage

Felix Hammer f.hammer at web.de
Fri Dec 8 10:44:49 UTC 2006


Maybe anybody can help me get this working: 
I have long clip. I want to devide the clip in three parts with different 
speeds. At first part speed should increase from 100 to 300. The middle part 
should have a constant speed of 300 and the last part should decrease from 
300 to 100. 
Because there are no keyframes supported for speed-effect i cut the clip two 
times to get three parts. 
Now i attach speed effect at the first part and set speed from 100 to 300. But 
now the clip size doesnt decrease but the cut-frame move to left and the clip 
was fill up with the rest of the clip. So my part one has ovelapping frames 
with part two :-(
I try to mark the cut-frame with a marker but the marker also doesnt move with 
the increase of speed. 

Can anybody help me?



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