[Kdenlive-devel] file->new->crash

jb jb at ader.ch
Tue Apr 18 14:48:04 UTC 2006

Felix Hammer wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 18. April 2006 16:05 schrieb Felix Hammer:
>> I think they are to old.
>> i will try cvs-mlt next time.
> I have done. Now i get a crash directly after start kdenlive.
> i see the gui for 0.5 seconds and then:

> #8  0xb7f8b846 in Mlt::Properties::set () from /usr/lib/libmlt++.so.0.2.1

It's exactly the same error as before. Did you remove the old Mlt 
packages ? By default mlt's cvs version installs in /usr/local/lib

Kdenlive seems to use MLT from /usr/lib

Please make sure you don't have an old MLT install hanging around. 
Otherwise delete it and recompile kdenlive.


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