[Kdenlive-devel] Project news...

jb jb at ader.ch
Sun Apr 16 23:22:31 UTC 2006


Could you please test again the mpeg export ? I recently committed some fixes. 
I also just fixed the delete transition crash.

> - when re-open a project (two clips with a transition) the workspace
> monitor remains white, no audio during playback and playback stops at the
> beginning of the transition.

Cannot reproduce this... If it still happens with last cvs, can you give me 
precise infos on how to reproduce this behavior starting with a blank 
project ?

> btw - would be very nice, but not very important, if we could assign
> shortcuts for "go to begin/end of clip/timeline"
> to bring back the whole functionallity I have to load and add an audio clip
> to the timeline.

Will have a look.

> aahh, right now I found a rule - the transparent background don't work when
> the track below is empty.
> is this on purpose?

Yes, it is a general problem with mlt. Currently all transitions only work 
with the track just below. If you try to make a transition and there is no 
clip on the track below you get weird results... Not sure what is the best 
way to solve this. I think the best would be to fix the issue in mlt... will 
anyways not be fixed for the 0.3 release.

> - transition in combination with transparent background don't work - this
> region/zone remains black.

Right... but it's more an mlt issue. Not sure I can fix it.

> hhmmm ... about "basic features" .... I just could imagine the need to
> resize/position/place image clips.

Yes, image behaviour is currently quite unpredictable. I will try to come with 
a "basic" solution.

> having the render dialog in a separate thread would be a nice feature as
> well.

Maybe later.. :)

Thanks for the feedback

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