[Kdenlive-devel] different gui appearence

Reinhard Amersberger protux at web.de
Thu Oct 20 10:24:30 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 13:22 +0400, RaD wrote:
> Hi.
> >nice to know that kdenlive is alive again! :-)
> Yeah.
> >just for the record - some things I noticed so far on cvs:
> >
> >when starting kdenlive the gui looks quite different on different
> >distros.
> >
> >this is how it looks like on suse 9.3:
> >www.groovision.de/kdenlive/kdenlive_mkd10.1.jpg
> >
> >and on mandrake 10.1 it looks like this:
> >www.groovision.de/kdenlive/kdenlive_suse93.jpg
> This screenshot looks as is taked from latest CVS.

yes, as I mentioned above, but this reminds me to check if the "make
install" I did, on this mandrake machine at home, was "really"
maybe an older version of kdenlive is still on that machine and will be
started instead of the latest compiled one.


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