[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive 0.2.3 on sourceforge.

Jason Wood jasonwood at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 21:07:58 UTC 2003

On Thursday 16 Oct 2003 10:48 am, Reinhard Amersberger wrote:
> kdenlive-devel at lists.sourceforge.net schrieb am 15.10.03 12:26:59:
> > > for example: I have resized a clip on the timeline (I just moved the
> > > right > edge to the left), but the save option/button remains
> > > deactivated.
> Maybe I found another problem caused by the problem above?
> I load a project containing two clips (whereby the second one was shortened
> by dragging the right edge to the left).
> Then I extend the second clip by dragging the left edge to the right, but
> play back stopps further on at the original loaded position.
> I've put two screenshots up to clearify the situation. The first one shows
> the situation after loading the project and the second after extending the
> second clip: 1: http://www.groovision.de/kdenlive/kl_endbug_before.png
> 2: http://www.groovision.de/kdenlive/kl_endbug.png

Hmmm, I cannot reproduce this behaviour at the moment, although it sounds like 
a bug that I thought I had fixed a while ago. If you move another clip onto 
the timeline, it should sort itself out, although that is a work-around, not 
a solution ;-)

> btw - another point, but I'm not sure if this is a bug, a feature request
> or just not implemented right now ;-)
> - Inpoints and outpoints are not saved.

What do you mean by inpoints and outpoints - on the workspace monitor, or when 
you select clips in the project list? If so, then that is a feature request 

If you mean that the inpoint of a clip on the timeline reverts to the start of 
the clip when you save, then that is most definitely a bug.


Jason Wood
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